Smart coffee maker allows users to control every aspect of brewing

A new brewing system is taking the “Smart Coffee Maker” market by storm. The Behmor Connected Brewing System, which retails for around $170, allows users to pre-program and control multiple aspects of the brewing process. The controls are accessible via smartphone and, yes, your Amazon Echo.


This new brewing system can be preprogrammed to start brewing at any time. You can set the machine to pre-saturate your grounds for as long as you prefer, allowing for optimal flavor and caffeine extraction. You can control the temperature (anywhere between 190 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit), and you can share control with various users—family, coworkers, or housemates. That is, if you want to.


The Behmore Connected Brewing System is also durable and made to withstand pretty much anything. The double-walled steel carafe can keep your coffee hot for several hours, and the machine itself looks pretty great on a kitchen counter. The smart functions are optional, which means users can also brew their coffee by manually inputting relevant information on the machine itself.


Additionally, this device can’t complete a few operations. It can’t, for example, grind your coffee beans. It can’t fill its own reservoir with water, and it can’t clean itself after you brew a pot. However, when it comes to convenience, unmatched control, and automatic timing, we don’t really mind grinding our own beans.


Read the original article at Business Insider.

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