Trader Joe’s releases ready-to-drink cold brew in time for the dog days of summer

Trader Joe’s is known for producing and selling ready-to-consume products. Their frozen aisle is a popular place to browse easy dinner options, boasting everything from cauliflower “rice” and pre-made vegan stuffing to Eastern European Borek and bakery-quality macarons. However, the supermarket retailer has also made strides to improve its ready-made coffee selection. Trader Joe’s has long sold several different cold brew options, including cold brew coffee bags, nitro cold brew, flavored cold brews, a variety of cold brew concentrates, and single-serve cans of the stuff.


Trader Joe’s recent product announcement, however, eliminates all the prep work included in cold brew purchasing. All of their cold brew products require the customer to take some action—whether that means steeping the grounds overnight or adding water to dilute the concentrate. Their new product, Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee, requires no prep.


The product is made by steeping air-roasted Arabica beans in cold water for at least 12 hours. According to Trader Joe’s the coffee features hints of molasses, walnut, and cocoa. One bottle of this product contains multiple servings—just like Trader Joe’s cold brew concentrates. However, it contains significantly fewer servings. Most concentrate bottle hold 12 servings, while the Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee offers only three.


While this coffee drink offers fewer servings, the price point is significantly lower than most concentrates currently offered by Trader Joe’s. This addition to the supermarket’s coffee lineup is indicative of a larger cold brew trend. We are, however, quite interested in the release time of this drink. Cold brew is typically marketed as a summer drink, and while there are still several weeks left in the season, we can’t help but wonder if the retailer plans to market this product for autumn.

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