Coffee delivery drone patented by IBM

IBM has developed a new form of coffee delivery—with a twist. Their new invention, a coffee-delivering drone, has received a patent. According to the company, this machine can identify the cognitive state of office workers. Once their state has been identified, the drone will lower cups of coffee on an “unspooling string” in order to deliver the energy drink to the worker.


The patent was filed in the United States, where the patenting process can often cost thousands of dollars. The document illustrates several variations of the drink delivery drone. In one example, rather than lowering coffee on an unspooling stream, the drone dispenses coffee directly into the worker’s mug. In another option, hot drinks are delivered within a sealed bag—likely to prevent scalding drips from harming workers. Alternatively, individuals may be able to summon the coffee-dispensing drone with a hand gesture.


IBM suggests that this technology—the drone, in particular—could also be equipped to detect blood pressure, pupil dilation, and facial expressions. This data could be compiled and analyzed to determine if a worker is feeling tired. This invention is just one part of IBM’s recent push toward artificial intelligence development.


It is unclear if IBM plans to produce and market their coffee drone; the company has yet to release a statement other than the initial patent release. Tech companies, especially large corporations with several interests, often produce products without the intention to sell them—at least, not in the near future. While this technology may ease the minimal burden of walking across an office to get coffee, its purpose is, likely, to prove a machine’s ability to “detect” human emotions through the analysis of various bodily measurements.


Read the original article at BBC News.

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