Drinking Daily Could Lower Risk of Heart Failure

Circulation Heart Failure is a journal published by the American Heart Association. They recently published an article on how drinking one to three cups of coffee reduces the risk of heart failure. The data was taken from three medical heart studies.

One was performed by the National Institute of Health in Framingham MA called The Farmingham Heart Study. They concluded that drinking coffee reduced the risk of heart attacks by 5 to 12 percent. Dr. Kao assistant professor of cardiology at the University of Colorado and his associates compared data from all three studies using machine learning.

The information was analyzed at The American Heart Association Precision Machine Platform. The study found that consumers that drank one or more cups per day had a decreased risk of heart attacks. One study Atherosclerosis Risk In Communities showed that 0 to one cup of coffee made no difference.

In the same study, the risk of heart attack was reduced by 30 percent by drinking at least two cups of coffee per day. The study was conducted by the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute.

In the Framingham Heart Study decaffeinated coffee appeared to increase the risk of heart disease or did not show any data for reducing risk. The data concluded that the caffeine in the coffee was the ingredient that contributed to the reduced risk of heart disease.

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