A Cuban coffee with a boozy kick has arrived on U.S. shores

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a fan of coffee. If you’re old enough, you’ve also likely tried a boozy coffee drink. Most of us think of Kahlua cocktails and spiked coffee after dinners—the Mexican liqueur has long-dominated the alcoholic coffee market. However, there appears to be a new drink in town; a Dutch company, De Kuyper Royal Distillers, is looking to shake up the market by rolling out its Bebo liqueur.


This new liqueur uses Cuban coffee to produce the product, utilizing a combination of both hot and cold brewing methods to extract maximum flavor from the beans. To us, this indicates that they utilize a method similar to American cold brewing, which includes steeping coffee grounds for several (up to 48) hours to enhance the flavor. For this drink, the end result is a product that does not rely on artificial coloring or flavoring to look and taste delicious.


Bebo also has less sugar content than other coffee liqueurs on the market. The company behind this invention claims that Cuban coffee has a natural sweetness, and the extended brewing methods allow that characteristic to shine through.


American coffee drinkers are already a fan of the addition. It is said to taste just like coffee, highly sweet, but hardly syrupy. It has mildly fruity notes, which serve to elevate the option within the coffee liqueur category. Surprisingly, Bebo can be enjoyed neat—unlike other coffee liqueurs, which are added to the hot drink. It is also delicious when added to cocktails.


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