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7-Eleven New Year’s promotion shows different side to coffee loyalty marketing

7-Eleven provided a caffeinated New Year to many of its customers by offering them coffee or bottled water for just 19 cents when signing up for their app and loyalty program, 7Rewards. It’s just what you think it is: You download their free smartphone app and then use that app to redeem an e-coupon. Thus, the company can prove to customers how easy it is to redeem rewards through their phone. Loyalty rewards have long been a marketing staple of the coffee industry, and these card-carrying loyalty programs are still widely in use today, but this recent 7-Eleven promotion shows just how far we’ve come.


Here’s what struck us about this news piece and 7-Eleven’s promotional marketing in general. It’s a strategy built on being able to leverage their consumers’ digital data into increased sales at a convenience store. This brand, built on convenience and travel-related concessions, has determined that the time has come to try get a critical mass of their consumers to download and interact with a mobile app platform.


We’re not trying to come off as nay-sayers–not at all. But it is an interesting development to consider just in terms of marketing strategy and customer experience. Do you think push notifications about e-coupons would facilitate your next visit to 7-Eleven? Would you be willing to provide your personal spending history and buying habits at this convenience store in exchange for a free coffee or water every once in a while? This is a bargain that most people now have a fair understanding of when it comes to FB, Google, and e-Commerce companies, but we now live in a world in which 7-Eleven wants to create this type of relationship with the customer.


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